‘All In’ for Augnito's AI Week of Rest to Recharge, Prevent Burnout

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With its “AI Week of Rest” campaign, Augnito.ai aims to put its employees' mental health first and allow them to spend quality time with their loved ones this holiday season.

Augnito | AI for Medical Speech Recognition, Voice Recognition Software in the Health Care Industry

On December 31st, 2021, Augnito, India's first advanced medical Voice to Text software, has given its full-time employees a week off to recharge and take time off as businesses around the world prepare for a new virus strain. As the Employer of Choice in India and around the world, Augnito.ai is aware of the current global situation. Its "AI Week of Rest" initiative is meant to put its employees' mental well-being first and let them spend quality time with their families this holiday season.

Second wave COVID-19 hit the world and India in 2021. People were feeling overwhelmed and scrambling to adapt as new variants and lost loved ones were made public. Everyone at work and at home has been stressed at least once this year. They have gone above and beyond to meet their obligations both at work and at home.

Augnito already had a "Work from Anywhere" policy in place at the start of the pandemic in 2020. The "AIl In" AI Week of Rest initiative adds to that policy. Everyone who works at Augnito is getting a week off in December, in addition to the paid time off they already get.

People at Augnito are very important to the company, and taking time off is not just encouraged; it's very important. Rustom Lawyer, a co-founder of Augnito, said that. As a company, we know that people who work for us aren't just buying our products; they are also trusting the people who work behind the scenes to build these new products and keep Augnito going. As a new-age global health tech startup, we must make sure that all of our teams are well-rested and can help our partners for a long time to come.

It should be a magical time for everyone, and they should not have to deal with a mountain of emails when they get back. Our employees should be able to work in a place that has the right work-life balance for them to have a fulfilling and innovative work experience.

Augnito is India's first advanced medical Voice AI solution for the healthcare industry. It was launched in January 2020, and its goal is to change and boost digital adoption in the global healthcare market. Augnito is backed by Scribetech, a two-decade-old company that is a pioneer in the medical transcription BPO industry and has worked with the NHS in the UK and other health organisations. At this point, Augnito is used in more than 100 hospitals and by more than 7,000 doctors in the country. It is also used in the UK, US, and Middle East.

To know more, visit - https://augnito.ai

Disclaimer: This is a company press release Published on HT Times Dec 31, 2021.
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